Wednesday, November 10, 2010 this thing on?

Those Mother Fuckers called my passcode today!I had big things to do today. Big things! I mean, I'm sure I will. So now, I'm on the bus talking to Stu about Migratory Animals. Today’s conversation stems from an earlier conversation we had yesterday regarding Sparrows...or was it pigeons...maybe it was osprey...fuck it. Anyway, yesterday Stu tells me he's fascinated by Sparrows...or pigeons or whatever they are because they don't migrate south like thier brethren. I tell him to watch "Winged Migration". I tell him it's a 2001 documentary by Jacques Perrin. "It was nominated for an Academy Award for best documentary."
Stu just nods and continues driving. " I could tell he gives two shits about Jacques Perrin, or the nomination, but he seemed interested in the documentary.
So today Stu tells me he researched the movie I told him about. Said it looked really interesting. Said he couldn't find the movie at the Red Box.
"I don't think you’re gonna find the movie at the Red Box." I say. "You'll have to go to Hollywood Video." Stu tells me Hollywood video is out of business because of Red Box. I tell him to try blockbuster then. By now the bus has left my stop and started towards the medical center. Stu tells me he found a show on the National Geographic Channel about Migratory Animals. Tells me to check it out. He gives me the date and time of each episode. I write them down in my Moleskin. Just before the Medical Center stop, Stu picks up the Microphone. "Medical Center Plaza." He says through the microphone. I turn around looking over both my shoulders. I'm the only one on the bus. "Anyway, it fascinates me that these birds can just sit there, you know, on a telephone wire and watch the world go by for hours at a time." I write down his quote in my Moleskin. We approach the Firehouse stop. " Firehouse Plaza." Stu says over the microphone. At the stop his cell phone rings. It sounds something like Beethoven's second symphony. While Stu takes his phone call, I look out the window and notice a group of kids playing soccer on a nearby field. Nine boys and one girl run back and fourth, kicking the soccer ball toward opposite ends. The girl suddenly stops and kicks one of the young boys in the nuts.The boy curls down to his knees while the girl runs towards the ball. I think of irony, I think of irony and pretend that twenty years from now, the one girl playing soccer will be standing at an alter with the young boy who got his nuts kicked in. During the reception, one of thier little bastard friends will make a speech. He'll tell the mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles about the young boy who had his nuts kicked in. He'll talk about the young girl who did it, and how they fell in love. "Village and Sixth Street." Stu says over the microphone.

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