Friday, December 17, 2010


I have ten minutes to write something. My laptop at home is broke. Something's wrong with the A drive. It won't let me insert my floppy disk. As dirty as that sounds, it sucks.

I can't insert my floppy disk.
I have only ten minu...eight minutes to write something.

Not that anyone reads this shit anymore.

More often than not, I lie awake at night. I lie awake at night with nothing to do. I could masterbate.
That sensation only lasts ten minutes at best. What then?

I remember a Limerick told to me by Luke's dad.

There once was a man from Kurplunk
Who locked himself in a trunk
While thinking of Venus
and stroking his Penis
He filled that trunk with gunk.

I decide to write a Limerick of my own

I think of the suberbs surrounding the Salt Lake Valley.

There once was a girl from Rose Park
Who loved to give head in the dark
While sucking my penis
She called herself Venus
But later I learned it was Clark

And that only took 7 minutes. What now? Maybe I should've masterbated.

I write my masterpiece down in my moleskin.

My time is up.

Have a great weekend

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